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All Safe Inspections provides quality building evaluation services for Central Alabama, including the cities of Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka, Deatsville, Selma, Clanton, Auburn, and Troy.

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All Safe Inspections specializes in all aspects of building evaluation services for both residential and commercial properties.

Over 20 years of inspection and engineering experience!

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Click here to verify your home inspector is part of ASHI.

American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI®) Member

Founded in 1976, The American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI®)is North America's oldest and most respected professional society of home inspectors.

To earn ACI designation, inspectors in this category have:

  1. Passed the National Home Inspector Examination and ASHI’s Standards and Ethics module
  2. Had inspection reports successfully verified for compliance with ASHI’s Standards of Practice
  3. Submitted valid proof of performance of at least 250 fee paid home inspections that meet or exceed the ASHI Standards of Practice.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of most often asked questions and answers. We welcome you to call, email or submit our webform if you have other questions.

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How do I choose a Home Inspector?


Visit their website, look for certifications, testimonials, information about what services will be performed and a sample report. Call the inspector; ask about credentials and experience.

What qualifications or credentials should a home inspector have?


Look for association memberships and certifications, degrees in engineering or architecture, experience and reputation.

What will the inspection cover?


A thorough Inspection covers many aspects of the home:

  • Attic
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Roof & Flashings
  • Gutters
  • Foundation
  • Grading
  • Siding & Trim
  • Driveways & Walks
  • Heating
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Doors & Windows
  • Chimney
  • Major Appliances
  • Electrical System
  • Water Heater
  • Plumbing System
  • Air Conditioning
Should I be present during the Inspection?


You are welcome to be present at the site of the inspection from start to finish. We recommend that you show up toward the end of the inspection for your convenience at such time as when the inspector is prepared to go over his findings.

Why use our Services?


The purchase of a new home is one of the single most costly investments that a family will make. Along with the extra stresses this will add, there is also the fear factor of, "Will This Home Stand the Test of Time?" It is also important to know what YOU, as the primary investor, are getting for your money. A home inspection is an excellent tool for you, the home buyer, to help determine not only the condition of the home, but to also help foresee any immediate unnecessary additional costs that may go unnoticed without the help of a home inspection. Home inspections are not a prediction of future performance, but can pinpoint existing problem areas.

Why can't I have someone in my family who is very handy or a contractor, inspect my new home?


This is the biggest mistake many potential new homeowners make when purchasing a home. Although the person you are considering may be very skilled, they are not trained or experienced at professional home inspections. Professional home inspection is a unique skill like no other. Professional inspectors get what we call an inspector's instinct for problems. That instinct takes extensive training and lots of experience doing inspections to develop. Many contractors, and other trades professionals hire a professional home inspector to inspect their homes when they make a purchase.

What if I have questions after the inspection?


You can call us and discuss all the aspects of your new home whenever you like. Our service is a long-term investment.